From the passion for wine, the company is dedicated to the direct cultivation of the raw material, in two different territories and developing the two resulting brands
Being the first to stake on Pallagrello and on another “black” pearl of Terra di Lavoro, that’s to say the Casavecchia, the’“azienda Agricola Vestini Campagnano” produces high quality wines, according to the territorial traditions and typical features, with commitment in the agroalimentar sector.
The effort of the families Barletta and Quaranta is aimed to the company growth, through the promotion of cultural events and caring the continuous evaluation of their own land with particular attention to the exploration of new productive paths, thanks to the wine-making contribute of the already most famous and youngest Mr Paolo Caciorgna, tuscan Brunello worker , who follows Mr Luigi Moio towards the research of an essential qualitative potential, a unique modern discovery of a archeological flavour born by an ancient spherical perfection

The passion for wine and the love for its ownland, has pushed Maria Grazia Foglia, Alberto Barletta and their children, together with their partners,Fiorella and Severino Quaranta and other relatives of the family Quaranta, to take back in the farms of Conca della Campania - after having contributed, with "Azienda Agricola Vestini Campagnano" of Caiazzo, to the rediscovery of the autochthonous casertan vines Pallagrello and Casavecchia - the cultivation of grapes that had an ancient bond with the territory

producing some wines that were well known and appreciated already in the 17th century, even though produced in limited quantities; we report to the well evoked "Rosso di Conca", to which is placed side by side a white of rank today. That was the birth of the adventure for "Poderi Foglia"